What are tooth extractions?
While we do everything in our power to restore and save your natural teeth, some circumstances necessitate the complete removal of a tooth from its place in your smile. This removal is generally called a tooth extraction. Tooth extraction in Seattle, Washington is only suggested by our skilled dentist, Dr. Obiora E. Nkwonta, if it is absolutely necessary.

The most common reason for tooth extraction is severe decay or dental trauma. Once a tooth has been killed, the infection or damage can move on to the other areas of your smile and cause similar destruction. To prevent this from happening and to maintain the health of your entire smile, we remove the infected or damaged tooth. Another common type of tooth extraction is the removal of your third molars, more commonly referred to as wisdom teeth. Because your wisdom teeth are the last to erupt from your gumline, they often do not have enough room to grow properly, causing multiple complications. We can remove wisdom teeth that cause pain or danger to your smile.

We are committed to taking care of the overall health of your smile. If you would like more information about tooth extractions, contact Rainier Dental Center today and schedule your appointment. We look forward to working with you and your family.