What is sinus augmentation?
Sinus augmentation, also known as a sinus lift, is a surgical treatment that aims at adding bone to your upper jaw in order to make room for dental implants. Sinus lifts are most often needed because of bone loss or because the sinuses are too close together. We can also provide bone grafts in Seattle, Washington if bone is needed anywhere else in your smile. When at all possible, we strive to use your natural bone from your body instead of synthetic or animal bone. Your natural bone bonds quickly and is safer to use.

How are bone grafts performed?
Sinus lifts are performed in the back of your mouth, where your pre-molars and molars are located, while bone replacement grafts can be completed anywhere in your jaw. The gum tissue is gently raised, allowing us to expose the bone and graft the new bone tissue in. The gums are then sealed and months are allowed to pass before continuing on with dental implants. This gives time for your mouth to heal and for the bone to grow and connect securely with your jaw. Our kind team at Rainier Dental Center will continue to follow up with you to guide you through the healing process. For more information about sinus lifts, bone replacement grafts, and how Dr. Obiora E. Nkwonta, our committed dentist, can improve your smile, please contact our dental office today.