What is occlusal adjustment?

Do you have a sore jaw or feel like your bite is lopsided? Then you may be in need of an occlusal adjustment. An occlusal adjustment is the process by which we realign your bite in an effort to evenly distribute pressure and stress on your teeth. Dr. Obiora E. Nkwonta, our talented dentist, may suggest an occlusal adjustment in Seattle, Washington if you have:

  • Loose or shifting teeth
  • Bruxism (grinding and clenching of teeth)
  • Tooth sensitivity

How is an occlusal adjustment done?

After planning for the treatment, we will use a dental drill with a very fine filing stone to reshape and buff the surfaces of your teeth. We work with the greatest care and use the latest imaging technology to make the necessary adjustments. Occlusal adjustments can protect the surface of your teeth from wear and pressure and help relax your jaw muscles. Oftentimes, we will use night guards in conjunction with occlusal adjustment to complete the treatment.

We are committed to taking care of all your dental health needs. If you are interested in learning more about occlusal adjustment, we encourage you to contact us at Rainier Dental Center today, especially if you are experiencing the signs and symptoms of a misaligned bite.