What is a pulp cap?

For our team at Rainier Dental Center, we are dedicated to taking care of your entire tooth. As part of this effort, we offer multiple endodontic treatments, including pulp caps. Pulp caps are often used as an alternative to traditional root canal treatment. Made from protective materials, such as calcium hydroxide, pulp caps in Seattle, Washington act as a shield for exposed dental pulp. Pulp caps are most often used when receiving a dental filling or to prevent shallow to moderate tooth decay from damaging the inner portion of your tooth, before root canal treatment is considered necessary.

What types of pulp caps are there?

Dr. Obiora E. Nkwonta, our gentle dentist, provides two different kinds of pulp caps, direct and indirect, in an effort to meet all of your dental needs. Direct pulp caps are applied directly onto exposed dental pulp, while indirect pulp caps are placed on a small layer of dentin that covers the dental pulp. Both are generally sealed off with a dental filling. A direct pulp cap is permanent, but an indirect pulp is designed to be temporary. After waiting for your tooth to heal, the filling covering an indirect pulp cap is removed to see if the dentin has regrown. If so, the indirect pulp cap is removed and a permanent filling or dental restoration is placed for long-lasting oral health. If you would like to learn more about how pulp caps can help protect your teeth, please give us a call today. We hope to see you in our office soon!