Advanced Gum Disease Can Be Resolved With Gingival Flap Surgery

An ineffective oral hygiene routine can lead to an excessive amount of tartar buildup at the gum line. Tartar at the gum line is the most common cause of gum disease. If gum disease is not resolved early, the infection and subsequent inflammation can cause your gums to recede from your teeth creating pockets of… Read more »


It’s that time of year again when insurance benefits will be lost. In some cases insurance benefits will be forfeited if plan requirements are not met by year’s end. In addition we want to remind all patients that regular periodontal examination and cleaning of teeth is very important for overall good health. Please call to make an appointment… Read more »

Caring for Your Smile This Holiday Season

As you gather around your friends and family this holiday season, it’s important that you take good care of your smile. The most important things you can do for your smile are keeping up with your oral hygiene routine and attending your six month dental checkups. These two things keep your smile in tip-top shape… Read more »

All About a Sinus Augmentation

At , we provide a sinus augmentation procedure that restores bone structure to the jaw. When you visit our office for this surgery, you will benefit from a stronger, healthier jaw bone and will be able to receive dental implants that restore the teeth missing from your smile. Reasons For A Sinus Augmentation Jaw bone… Read more »

The Reasons for Pulling a Tooth

There are many reasons for pulling a tooth, and I know it might seem a little scary, but you can trust that it’s for the best. Generally, our dentist does everything can to avoid tooth extraction, but if you’ve already scheduled your tooth extraction appointment, you can trust that this is the only option for… Read more »

What Is Sjögren’s Syndrome?

Do you have a dry mouth or dry eyes? Are you fatigued? Do you have joint pain? Are your salivary glands swollen? If so, then you may have Sjögren’s syndrome. What Is Sjögren’s Syndrome? This condition is an autoimmune disorder, which means that the immune system attacks the body. In the case of Sjögren’s syndrome,… Read more »

The Perils of Periodontal Disease

Periodontal disease is an inflammatory disease that can become progressively worse and eventually destroy the gums and other structures that support the teeth. This disease is dangerous to your oral health because it is a painless infection that stealthily attacks — like a silent saboteur — unless you seek proper treatment. A periodontist specializes in… Read more »

Halloween Candy

When you think of October you probably think of the leaves changing, snuggling up by the fire, sweet treats and of course, Halloween. Well, it is also National Dental Hygiene Month! We are probably a little more excited about that one than most of you. But, we do have some helpful tips to keep your… Read more »