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Did you know that unconsciously grinding your teeth is an actual disorder called bruxism? Although we often attribute it to stress, bruxism can be caused by a variety of factors. If left untreated, it can cause other disorders to occur, including temporomandibular joint disorders in your jaw or sleep orders including sleep apnea. If you or someone you know has been spotted unconsciously grinding their teeth, it may be a sign of bruxism.

Listed below are the common signs and symptoms of bruxism:

– Your jaw tends to lock up and fails to fully open and close.
– Your cheek tissues on the inside of your mouth are damaged from being chewed on through the night.
– Your tooth enamel is worn down so severely that you experience a heightened level of tooth sensitivity.
– Although teeth can be damaged in a variety of ways, if you have any teeth that have been chipped or cracked, or may be loose, and you have no idea how it happened, bruxism may be to blame.
– If your teeth have a dull, flat appearance to them, it may be a sign of bruxism.
– Your tongue seems different and features abnormal indentations.
– You jaw muscles are sore and painful when you wake up in the morning, or feel worn down throughout the day.
– You experience the sensation of an earache, but it isn’t caused by your ear.
– You snore loudly while you sleep, or have been told that you grind and gnash your teeth loudly as well.

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