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Many people, including denture wearers find that cleaning their tongue in their daily oral hygiene routine helps to maintain good oral health and improve chronic bad breath. Your tongue has a lot of rough surfaces that can harbor bacteria, and by giving your tongue a thorough cleaning at least once a day you can help reduce these problems.

The most common method is to give your tongue a light brushing after you are done brushing your teeth. Be sure you brush around the sides of the tongue and use a gentle circular motion to brush the rough surface of the taste buds. This will help clean your tongue of some bacteria and refresh your mouth.

If you’d like, you could also try a tongue scraper, which is a device with a small plastic handle with a mildly sharp edge on one end. When using a tongue scraper, you should work from front to back making multiple overlapping sweeps. If you notice a buildup of material on the blade edge, you should rinse it off before making the next sweep.

Once you are done brushing or scraping the plaque and bacteria from your tongue you can then vigorously rinse your mouth with antiseptic mouthwash to wash away lingering bacteria and debris while also refreshing your breath.

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