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At Rainier Dental Center, we provide a sinus augmentation procedure that restores bone structure to the jaw. When you visit our office for this surgery, you will benefit from a stronger, healthier jaw bone and will be able to receive dental implants that restore the teeth missing from your smile.

Reasons For A Sinus Augmentation

Jaw bone loss can occur due to gum disease and tooth extractions. When the jaw develops a low bone density, then it is weaker and cannot support dental implants. A sinus augmentation is a type of bone grafting procedure specifically used to restore bone structure to the upper jaw.

The Procedure Of A Sinus Augmentation

Our dentist will begin this surgery by injecting a local anesthetic to numb your mouth. After making an incision to the gums, we will gently lift the sinus membrane located above the jaw in order to make space for the grafting material. After placing the graft, we will suture together your gum tissue.

After A Sinus Augmentation

You may experience some discomfort, bleeding, and swelling after the procedure, but we will prescribe antibiotics and medication to help you stay healthy and feel comfortable. It will take several months for the graft to fuse to the jaw bone and promote growth, but you will have a strong jaw that can receive dental implants afterwards.